ZuluGaz — hydraulic modeling for gas networks.

Analysis and modeling capabilities

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With ZuluGaz, you can design dead-end and circular gas networks of low, medium and high pressure powered by one or several gate stations and pressure regulator stations.

The program allows users to perform calculations and create models for gas supply systems using the following methods:

Users can indicate gas composition; not only natural gas, but also ordinary air.

A gas network graph is created in ZuluGIS topology editor. The program generates a computational network model and corresponding tables for each object. Users enter information required to perform calculations into tables; calculated results are also subsequently recorded in tables. You can build a model on a map at scale, georeference it or draw it as a schematic diagram.

Geometric information system ZuluGIS has built-in tools that enable users to evaluate calculation results and check the accuracy of engineering solutions, such as database queries, map data output, custom model coloring, graph-building tools for falling pressure, etc. Digital models and mapping data can be printed out or converted into PDF, AutoCAD (dxf) or other GIS file formats. A thermohydraulic analysis report may also be printed out or saved as an Excel spreadsheet.

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